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Horse Training

Full Time

My goals during the training of your horses are:

  • to make your horse enjoyable, easy and light to ride (Light, straight and forward)
  • to level of interest and enjoyment with his job and overall to be a happy horse
  • to improve his behavior, attitude and appearance
  • to make him the most impressive that I can
  • to enhance his qualities and hide his faults
  • to make your investment worth while
  • to match him to you
  • to exceed your expectations about your horse

4 days a week, under saddle, in hand, with long reins or in the Pillars according to what his needs are at the moment.

You and I together, we will set the goals to reach in the training of your horse and the schedule to keep.

Collection is the key: In my daily work collection, balance of the horse and lightness are my obsessions in the arena no matter what the level of the horse is. That’s the only way to have a happy horse that is interested in his job, with impulsion and movement. 

Owner Education

There is no horse training without following up with educating the owner. It is one my principles that I am strongly committed to. I will not accept a horse for training if the owner/rider is not ready to be involved in the learning process at the end of each training period. Out of respect for the horses, it is a sine qua non condition! The owner/rider education is an integral part of the horse training. It is necessary that the owner/rider spend the time to learn how to correctly ride or perform the new airs that were taught to the horse. It is the only way to preserve your investment. The owner/rider has to learn the aids, words, and techniques necessary to correctly execute and preserve what his horse as learned with me. This education is usually scheduled at the end of the training period, for example after 3 months of training. When it is necessary, this owner education could be reinforced with private classes on a different horse. This education could be done or repeated several times after the end of the horse training, punctually in cycles. For those out of training for a while, there is always the possibility of doing a refresher or Tune-up for both horse and rider several times a year. Assistance is always available by phone or email even if at that moment we could be separated by a long distance.


Manuel offers internships year round in AZ for college students or private riders. (For private riders more details below).

Interns will be involved full or part time depending on their schedule. Manuel requests at least 3 days a week. 

Interns will be involved in the daily work around the training of the horses, grooming, saddling, lunging, warm-up and more depending on the rider’s level. They will audit private lessons or clinics at their convenience. Also College interns will be allowed to ride for free in the clinics on the site depending on availability. 

Of course the number of interns is limited and scheduled in advanced. If you wish to become an intern with Manuel send your resume to

Find below testimonials from some interns: