Horse Training - Full Time

My goals during the training of your horses are:

  • to make your horse enjoyable, easy and light to ride (Light, straight and forward)
  • to level of interest and enjoyment with his job and overall to be a happy horse
  • to improve his behavior, attitude and appearance
  • to make him the most impressive that I can
  • to enhance his qualities and hide his faults
  • to make your investment worth while
  • to match him to you
  • to exceed your expectations about your horse

4 days a week, under saddle, in hand, with long reins or in the Pillars according to what his needs are at the moment.

You and I together, we will set the goals to reach in the training of your horse and the schedule to keep.

Collection is the key: In my daily work collection, balance of the horse and lightness are my obsessions in the arena no matter what the level of the horse is. That’s the only way to have a happy horse that is interested in his job, with impulsion and movement. 



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Cave Creek, AZ 85331

Contact us for rates and vacancies. 
There is no horse training without following up with education of the owner/rider. It is one my principles that I am strongly committed to. I don’t accept a horse for training if the owner/rider is not ready to be involved in the learning process at the end of each training period. Out of respect for the horses, it is a sine qua non condition! 


"It is amazing that you have been able to teach Xara so many exercises in such a short period of time (only 3 months!) - shoulders-in, haunches-in, leg yield, a floating half-pass, balanced canter transitions, Spanish Walk on the ground and under saddle, and a beautiful passage! The bow at the end is the perfect icing on the cake. Xara is more beautiful than even I imagined she would be, and I couldn't be more pleased. I very much look forward to working with you in the future, and now especially to bringing my own riding skills up to the level where Xara and I can perform these movements in some fun exhibitions."

Carol F / USA 

"I had a problem I could not solve and not one trainer I trained with could help me. Amadeus through my careful work had become a lazy, hardmouthed, and balanced on the shoulders, not one trainer solved this problem. Then I went to Manuel's clinic, Amadeus was on his rear end and pushing OH MY GOD. My mother made the discussion to put amadeus in training with Manuel for three months, I had never been so excited. After three months Amadeus does the most impressive spanish walk you have ever seen. Oh and he also does, piaffe, passage, terre-a-terre, and bow. And let me mention he is the lightest he has ever been. In three months I have a collected and light horse I would never have attained, had it not been for Manuel. I could have spent thousands with top trainers and not acheived this much in only three months."

Jennifer G / USA

"I had one of my horses in training with Manuel at AL and Michel Goldman's beautiful EQ. facility Casa Serena in Castle Rock Co. I have to say that the care of the horses is impeccable, the atmosphere is warm, loving, and welcoming. The training is unbelievable. In 2 months Manuel has Duende doing beautiful Piaffe, Passage, Spanish Walk, Bowing (I could go on and on) both in hand and under saddle. Not to mention the lateral work. Its just as amazing. Then Manuel takes us and teaches us to ask and FEEL what he has done with the horses. The horses are completely different. The lightness of the horses is like nothing I have seen around here before in any discipline of riding. It brings tears to my eyes. Do yourselves and your horses a favor and sign up for Manuel Trigo's clinics, get on the list for putting your horse in training with him, or sign up for private lessons. This man and this experience will put true lightness into you horse world."

Chris S / USA 

Horse Training - Owner Education

There is no horse training without following up with educating the owner. It is one my principles that I am strongly committed to. I will not accept a horse for training if the owner/rider is not ready to be involved in the learning process at the end of each training period. Out of respect for the horses, it is a sine qua non condition! The owner/rider education is an integral part of the horse training. It is necessary that the owner/rider spend the time to learn how to correctly ride or perform the new airs that were taught to the horse.It is the only way to preserve your investment. The owner/rider has to learn the aids, words, and techniques necessary to correctly execute and preserve what his horse as learned with me. This education is usually scheduled at the end of the training period, for example after 3 months of training. When it is necessary, this owner education could be reinforced with private classes on a different horse. This education could be done or repeated several times after the end of the horse training, punctually in cycles. For those out of training for a while, there is always the possibility of doing a refresher or Tune-up for both horse and rider several times a year. Assistance is always available by phone or email even if at that moment we could be separated by a long distance.


"I'm absolutely amazed at the progress that each of us have made under Manuel Trigo's tutelage- both horses and riders!"

Carol F / USA 

"I'd like to again Thank Manuel Trigo for the amazing experiences he has made available to my horses and myself. Its been (in my opinion) the most eye opening and valuable learning horses experience I have ever had. (I have worked with horses my entire life and have participated in to many clinics to list as well as worked with many trainers in many disciplines).

Chris S / USA

"The last week Manuel was here, I had 5 lessons, and my mare was so incredibly light - I had a loose rein working with just the snaffle, and when she came, she was working in a Spanish bit andserreta, and was heavy to the leg and hand. Now I mainly use my seat and legs to guide her and slow her or speed her up. She is still learning about a lot of things, but she is a pleasure to ride. One of my favorite things that Manuel says is "enjoy your horses - don't ride her like a bicycle!"

Carol W / USA

"I had the good fortune of finding Manuel Trigo to train my green broken Friesian stallion this summer. His lightness training was so incredible (to any level you wish to go). He is patient and soft spoken (of course you may have to learn a little Spanish & French to communicate with your horse). His results are beyond words. My young stallion learned shoulder-in, shoulder-out, Spanish walk, bowing, and most of all collection! The horse is never pushed over his limit but excels with Manuel's techniques and kindness. I can't wait to see what next summer brings in advancing my horse.-maybe a little piaffe and passage?"

Bonny R / USA

"You are amazing to watch and you are an inspiration to me. I watch your subtleness, your amazing feel, your respect for and from each horse. I know at my age I will never get to your level but, I do aspire to do so. I do ride with feel (at least I think I do) and I hope to improve that more and more each day."

Chris S / USA


Manuel offers internships year round in AZ for college students or private riders. 

(For private riders more details below).

Interns will be involved full or part time depending on their schedule. Manuel requests at least 3 days a week. 

Interns will be involved in the daily work around the training of the horses, grooming, saddling, lunging, warm-up and more depending on the rider’s level. They will audit private lessons or clinics at their convenience. Also College interns will be allowed to ride for free in the clinics on the site depending on availability. 

Of course the number of interns is limited and scheduled in advanced. If you wish to become an intern with Manuel send your resume to

Find below testimonials from some interns: "Read Kim June internship presentation with this link"

College Interns

“you will soak in immense amounts of knowledge for training, as well as ways to streamline barn management …”

Kimberly A. June, AZ (Scottsdale Community College and Equine Science)

"Hi, I am Kimberly June, a current Scottsdale Community College and Equine Science Major. I am deeply involved in my chosen path of the Equine Industry, and all of the avenues it presents.

Last semester through the SCC Internship program, I learned about Manuel Trigo, Master of Spanish Classical Dressage, and the opportunity to mentor with him.

I immediately went to his website, and couldn't believe someone of his caliber was open to taking on students to Train and work with him!! That very day I panned to have that opportunity, albeit with my western pleasure, colt starting, and trail training thought that might be a long term goal to attain, at the very least another year, as I have had no dressage training or experience!

But this semester I had the unexpected and incredible fortune of being interviewed, and selected to join his training team!The interviewing process was intimidating for me, as I knew if I were selected would be hoist into an equine way completely unfamiliar to me on every level, but couldn't wait for the challenge.

I was thankfully selected, and started to study…Manuel encourages lots of self study, and is ready with profound and easy to understand answers on all aspects of the horse's mindset, how it learns, the rider's balance, tools, and communication needed to understand the cues presented.

I have huge learning curve in all of these aspects, and even though have a very limited scope in my horsemanship skills, have benefitted enormously from all of the very hands-on and specific direction given by the Trigo team. They have instilled in me an even great desire than I knew, to reach higher, attain more, and work with passion and integrity. 

Working alongside Manuel is an honor, and to see his development of these exquisite Spanish horses in their specialized movements, can only be expressed as beauty and deep commitment. 

The Trigo team works tirelessly, with every moment utilized, while always maintaining the horse's immediate needs. As a future intern, you will need your own supply of epsom salts for the bath, and hopefully you will soak in immense amounts of knowledge for training, as well as ways to streamline barn management if that may be your chosen field.

You will learn the heritage of the PRE, Lusitanos, and the uniqueness of each Spanish breed. You will be exposed to stallions, mares and foals in this program. You will learn about diverse Classical Dressage movements and their heritage, as well as the stylized tack, design to enhance the training of each calibrated movement, and lightness in the horse.

I could continue to go on with all of the wealth of information I have gained, but hope as a future intern, student of Manuel Trigo, you too, can add your own wonderful experiences, as I have had, and are charged up to continue to learn even more!

Manuel, Dominique, all of the wonderful people at Pomeroy Arabians, and wonderful horses I have had the extreme pleasure of learning from, thank you! I will practice my seat, posting trot and correct handling of the longe with dedication over the summer! :0)"

My Deepest Gratitude,

Kimberly A. June

Private Riders

“As a rider, I have to admit that I had NO idea how light a horse could be until I actually felt it”

Angela Seda-Garvin, CO

This winter I was given a huge opportunity in my riding journey. Manuel Trigo asked me to warm up his horses in training. To some it may seem trivial, but to me, in a matter of a few months, this opportunity transformed my riding. My job was to lunge and then walk and trot them on a loose rein under saddle until Manuel was ready to mount. Now who would have thought lunging and walking horses could do so much? Well I certainly never did and I was SO wrong.

First, let's discuss many times have we all lunged our horses with no issues. When you lunge a new horse.....your skills are instantly tested. Every horse tested me, and every horse won to some extent that first day. However, each and every one of those horses taught me how to be soft in my hand, the power of my position and how to use my body effectively.

Now the bigger deal...under saddle. How much could I possibly learn from walking a strange horse on a loose rein around the arena? What a humbling experience that was. First, I needed to let go of my fears and throw away the reins. I have to confess that did not happen the first few days. It's one thing to do that on your own horse, but one I didn't know?? As much as I tried to, I would hear something "that might spook them" and my fear would take over. The first thing this experience taught me was to relax, breathe and improved my confidence tremendously. I still have a long way to go to meet my own horsemanship goals, but I'm working on it and I feel that I developed the necessary skills to keep moving forward.

The next thing this experience taught me was the TRUE meaning of riding a horse "forward". I always "thought" I was forward until I started riding these horses. With Manuel's coaching, I was able to learn to ride forward and with impulsion. Each horse is SO different and by riding all of them, THEY taught me how to control my seat to maintain a forward walk and to adjust to each one's needs. They taught me how to adjust my aids to each one and "feel" what each needed. For years, I had heard "get heavy in your seat" from various instructors. Until I rode one particular horse, I never truly understood what that meant. If I didn't sit heavy, deep, and quiet, this horse would move in a short choppy walk. The instant I found MY heavy seat, we were in synch. The horse had a lovely forward walk with a swinging mosquero once I found it. I had a very similar experience with trotting. All of these kind equine partners gave me the gift of a better seat and feel. One horse in particular taught me how to cadence my trot. I struggled with this task on my own horse and until I rode this lovely boy who was so responsive to me. I had never truly felt what it was like to control a trot with just my seat and how I posted. I could always make my horses go more forward by posting more energetically but to develop a cadence was a new experience for me. Once I felt it on this horse, I was able to figure it out on my own. 

Now a rider, I have to admit that I had NO idea how light a horse could be until I actually felt it. There were two horses in particular, that I LOVED to ride because I was always blown away that I could barely touch them and they would respond with the lightest of aids and that is no exaggeration. One of the most important things this experience taught me is how light a horse can and SHOULD be. I now strive for it with my horses every day. I WANT that same feel in my own horses and now and I have a reference to achieve that goal.

The point is by riding different horses, of different breeds, with different levels of training even if for only a short time is a priceless riding experience. I am so grateful to Manuel for allowing me to participate in this internship - - it truly was a gift for my riding. I know my horses certainly appreciate the knowledge I gained.

At the end of the day, I think the more you can feel a horse, the more you realize how little you know.....and so my journey continues..........

“What an eye opening experience this was for me to ride horses of such education”

Wendy Dinnerstein, WA

It is my opinion that Manuel Trigo is a master of the Equestrian Arts. I had the great honor to meet him in Arizona at his Piaffe and Passage Clinic in 2012. I began studying with him by attending his series of Lightness Clinics. I love how he teaches the theory portion before each series so the student has a clear understanding of each exercise and most importantly clarifies many misunderstandings and improprieties about dressage today. I quickly realized that he had knowledge of the French Classical Dressage and High School that I have been seeking to learn more about. He earned my respect in this time.

I was having difficulty with my Lusitano, Monty, who had many years of German methods of dressage with his prior owner. Manuel took him in for training for four months and was able transform my tripping, lazy Monty into a very light mount. During this time I rode in his clinics and took lessons with fantastic results. He is a patient and kind teacher. I knew very little about dressage and he answered and continues to answer my millions questions.

This season when we got to Arizona I began back with my lessons and clinics with Manuel and we started to look for a young talented horse for me to continue on with my Classical High school education. During this time I realized that I was not interested in the modern dressage of our time and began focusing on Doma Vaquara and Working Equitation that is quite popular in Spain. Both of which have quickly become more popular here in the US. Manuel found a great horse for me.

With so much to learn, Manuel suggested that I do a short internship with him. What an eye opening experience this was for me to ride horses of such education. As an intern I warmed the horses up on the lunge and then got on and warmed them up at the walk and trot. This experience really helped me to learn how to extend and lengthen the stride of the horses and how to adjust for each horse’s spirit, confirmation and present gait. Feeling and seeing this process on so many horses was not something I would have ever been able to experience on my horses. I found it an invaluable experience. I also got a deeper understanding of impulsion and just how forward a horses needs to be. I would recommend this program to any rider who seeks excellence in any form of riding disciplines as this process is necessary to feel. I really hope I can continue to learn and grow in my equestrian studies in this experiential way – there are not many opportunities like this in the U.S. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and plan to apply next year to do another internship with Manuel if he’ll have me.

“My riding technique, lunging skills and natural horsemanship evolved and improved immensely”

Amanda Munion, AZ

Over the course of my three month internship with Manuel Trigo my riding technique, lunging skills and natural horsemanship evolved and improved immensely. Manuel focuses on correctness of aides and lightness off hand, seat and leg. A large part of the internship was first lunging then warming up the horses before Manuel trains them. He instructed me on how to communicate what I wanted the horse to do on the lunge line through body language. Rather than pulling and whipping he showed me how to position my body to change directions or gaits or speed up or slow down. Then he taught me how to walk the horse, creating a forward, slow cadenced walk using only my seat. Finally, he showed me how to create a forward, slow cadenced trot, with the horse stretching the neck and back, using only my seat, to prepare the horse for its work. The rest of the internship consisted of turning out horses, tacking, untacking and hosing horses. It was very enjoyable to learn all about the Spanish tack and riding styles as well as getting exposed to the many different types of horses, from my warm blood gelding to PRE stallions to Lusitano stallions and everything in between. Though not always fun, it was very good practice to braid and re-braid the horses. Overall this internship was very beneficial towards my riding and general horse skills.